The Problem of Penile Curvature and its Treatment

Many people suffer from the problems of a curved penis. Penile curvatures are quite a tricky business and this problem is present in many males and is more common than you can imagine.

It can happen to anyone even when you are below 50 and want to enjoy sex to the fullest. People suffer from penile curvatures even at the age 18. The age just does not matter. It can affect you at any stage of your life. Accidental injury to the penis can cause this problem. Curvatures, if left untreated, can be real bothersome. Some people have the curve since birth or develop it at puberty when “Johnny starts playing!”

Delayed Ejaculation

One Of The Most Common Sexual Health Problems

Delayed ejaculation is a medical condition in which the male is not able to ejaculate in time while under stimulation. Ejaculation is when semen is excreted from the penis. This usually takes two to four minutes for most males, but for those with delayed ejaculation problems, this may take up to thirty to forty five minutes or may not even happen at all. In addition, this is the complete reverse of what happens during premature ejaculation where the male releases semen too fast.

Correct Abnormal Penis Shapes

With The Help Of Penis Extenders

Abnormal penis deformity or shapes are caused due to the following conditions:

Penis Fractures

You may suffer from penis fracture if the tunica albuginea in your erect penis tears.  It is one among the serious injuries in the erect penis. You should not bend your penis when it is erect to prevent this type of serious injury. The tunica albuginea is located around the corpora cavernosa, which is a special form of spongy tissue located in the core of penis to fill the penis with blood when it gets erected. The blood in the corpora cavernosa gets leaked to other areas of the penis if the tunica albuginea is burst. It results in swelling / bruising in the penile area.

The Side Effects of MaleExtra

Are There Any Or Will It Help Without Any Risk

According to the manufacturers of MaleExtra, this supplement does not contain any side effects because the ingredients have been scientifically tested, having gone through a number of clinical studies. They are also carefully handpicked, ensuring that they are made of 100% organic herbs, none of which are synthetic. Given this, the product is also preservative free, and also does not contain any fillers and possible allergens.

The exercise program that comes with it also does not have any harmful side effects. In fact, these exercise techniques have received the approval of reputable doctors and are tailor-fit to increase and enhance the penis size and enlarge the girth.

Penis Health

Effective and Natural Penis Enlargement Exercise

Exercising is a proven method of increasing girth and width of the penis. Throughout history there have been documented accounts of successful penile enlargements through penis stretching regularly. In today’s modern society, the tried and tested method of penile stretching through a regular penis exercise program is still the most accepted and effective means of achieving a longer and wider manhood without unnecessary side effects.

Have you ever wondered of a better way to increase the size of your penis without resorting to surgery? Penis Health is a true and complete exercise program designed to guide men achieve the enlargement they desire naturally and using the most cost effective means.